Omega XP Therapy Cold Laser

Laser therapy has been used successfully in the treatment of addiction to smoking cessation, drug and alcohol. The effect is to reduce or largely eliminate cravings and stress.

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Omega XP Mobile Unit

Omega Base / support XP

High Performance 4Ah Nickel metal Hydryde built in battery

1-820 nm 100 mW single probe

1-820 nm 200 mW single probe

1 - Acupuncture probe tip

1 - point finder Acupuncture

2 - Keys to the laser power unit

1 - Power Cord

2 - Safety Goggles Laser (Manufactured to EN207 and EN208 standards)

1 - make padded travel case

1 - Operating System Manual

In addition to this complete training package we are including FREE:

1. Omega Laser System LTD Treatment Guidelines

Two. Give up smoking

Three. Weight control

April. Stress Management

May. Drugs and Alcohol

Books and LLLT treatment guidelines:

· A Manual of Acupuncture by Peter Deadman

· Laser Therapy Clinical Practice & Scientific Background of Jan Turner and Lars Hode


Low intensity Laser Therapy Addiction:

Laser therapy has been used successfully in the treatment of addiction to smoking cessation, drug and alcohol. The effect is to reduce or largely eliminate cravings and stress. Treatment protocols based on the principles of acupuncture, the use of laser light to stimulate acupuncture points. However, the precise mechanisms that create the effects are complex. While traditional acupuncture and laser therapy have each demonstrated increased independence endorphins and serotonin release, there are a number of theories and neurotransmitters work suggests exciting new possibilities.

Smoking Cessation Study A recent publication of "double blind", showed sustained quit rates well above those claimed by nicotine replacement therapies. In addition, laser therapy have exceeded former smokers addiction to nicotine and smoking, unlike former smokers nicotine replacement that can fight with this residual problem and cost.

Clinics are also using laser acupuncture for treatment of addiction to eating as part of weight control programs, and stress management.

The main applications are:

· Smoking Cessation Treatment

· Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

· Treatment of stress management

· Weight Control Treatment

Pain treatment

P Low Level Laser Clinical Applications

· Physiotherapy

· Chiropractic

· Podiatry and Podiatry

· Maxiofacial and Dentistry

· Treatment and Cosmetic Dermatology

· Osteopathy

· General Practice

· Acupuncture

· Addiction Therapies

· Veterinary Practice


The Omega XP Laser System is FDA and Health Canada approved for the treatment of pain conditions and is the best low-level laser on the market. It is made in England and incorporates the state of the art features such as automatic probe recognition, select pulsating frequencies, both battery plug and "on" operation and time / joule conversion treatment. It is the latest evolution of the low Omega laser series.

Rating: 3B Laser

Medium: GaAlAs (gallium aluminum arsenide Laser)

Size: H: 140 x D 125 x W: 220 mm

Weight Kilos 3.02

Pulse Frequency: 2.5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz, 73Hz, 146Hz, 700Hz, 1kHz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz

Battery life: 10 hours Individual Probes

This model Xp laptop is designed for those who move. With the functionality to match Clinic XP, XP Mobile is traditionally produced more steel for strength. It is lighter, more compact and is provided in a padded carrying case.

• Simple menu system and useful

• Automatic recognition of the probe

• Automatic calculation of the surface energy density

• Nine pulse frequency options

• Multi-pulse mode

• Time Machine retreatment

• The total balance treatment time

• make accurate laser power measurement

• Visible warning when probe capable of emitting or use

• Point Acupuncture search

• The performance of the nickel metal high Hydryde 4Ah year

• Clean to clean the membrane fascia

• Padded Case and stand included

The market leader in rechargeable built in Xp Mobile is able to power the unit for up to 10 hours of treatment time, making this unit ideal when treatment is beyond the reach of the electricity grid. So either use dental / home health or treatment of animals in the field of what is required, each is easily accomplished with the Xp Mobile.

Extremely versatile mobile Xp accepts the full range of Omega interchangeable probes, allowing the treatment of all, since the healing of superficial wounds deeper penetration and muscle stimulation of acupuncture point. The flexibility to introduce repeatable treatment times in increments of 5 seconds is offered through an intuitive menu system then automatically calculates unit "dose" the resulting energy density to be delivered.

The Xp Mobile offers a range of nine options pulse frequency and the ability to establish three pulse repetition rates different within a treatment through the installation of several pulses. This provides the ability to change the momentum of practicing without rebooting. This control unit has an armed beam tester which gives an accurate reading of the probe individual outputs, which means that the user can always check that your computer works correctly - so important when invisible wavelengths are in use.

The mobile XP also includes a search engine acupuncture point, which gives a continuous electronic reading indicates the proximity of the acupuncture points to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment sites. Measurement of micro-current conductivity, used for identifying such points, trigger points can also locate making it an indispensable tool for physiotherapists. This feature uses a handheld probe designed with a purpose and acupuncture probe tip, which are included for free when the control unit is acquired with an appropriate probe.

This unit is designed so it can be used in the carrying bag and placing the bag strap over your shoulder or around the waist can leave hands free clinic for treatment. When used in the clinical support positions separately provided the entire unit with the stability and visibility on any flat surface.

IR probes provide a wavelength penetration, very effective for soft tissue and sports injuries, pain relief, stimulation of the acupuncture point and quit.

These probes encourage rapid resolution of musculoskeletal injuries and tendon and substantial relief of arthritis pain, herpes, neuralgic and neuropathic. An IR of the probe is of choice for the treatment of warts and general stimulation of the immune system response. Needleless acupuncture noninvasive stimulation trigger point through these probes are used for a variety of conditions including smoking cessation and tinnitus.

Cosmetic Clinic also report success using these probes for reducing scars, facial lines and wrinkles.

Allow greater penetration of red light probes, 820nm infrared probes are available now in powers of 50-200 mW. With higher powers to deliver more energy for each point, the selection depends on specific intended applications
Each individual probe accepts any of our range of autoclavable tips including the tip of acupuncture specialist.

OMEGA 820 nm 100 mW single probe

Wavelength: 820 nm

Consistency: Laser

Power: 100 mW

Rating: 3B Laser

OMEGA 820 nm 200 mW single probe

Wavelength: 820 nm

Consistency: Laser

Power: 200 mW

Laser 3B rating

Acupuncture Specialist Council

In acupuncture, we offer a narrow beam adapter designed specifically for the stimulation of acupuncture points. This also provides the conductivity of individual probes when used with the form of acupuncture points on the base units XP and is included at no additional cost when a single probe XP and purchased. This advice is also the ideal size for treatment directly into the ear for tinnitus and can be purchased separately or as a replacement if necessary.

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