Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope

Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope The Diaphot has a binocular head-Siedentopf design built on a molded body.

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 Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope The Diaphot has a binocular head-Siedentopf design built on a molded body.

This microscope tissue culture workaholic has an advanced optical design for the shortest, most efficient way to light. Incorporated as part of the top-turret is a focusable Bertrand lens, photomask reticle slideshow and dark.

Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope  was designed for photomicrography, with a built-in optical photographic system capacity. The optical design uses a high-binocular body, inclined at 45 degrees, and one reflecting surface in the optics to reduce reflections and glare, and optimize the contrast of the image.

Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope  has a binocular head-Siedentopf design built on a molded body. Bertrand focusing lens is integrated into the binocular body for quick alignment of the annular ring phase. A position of the dark slide is incorporated in the turret to cut stray light from the optical system during cinemicrography time and a focusing lens for the high critical photomicrograph with 2x and 4x lower power objectives.

The stadium is located slightly below the binocular head allows easy view and the surface of the specimen access. Control system of gross and fine coaxial focusing the nose, leaving the stationary phase and the sample exposed to handling during observation. The objectives are the variety of tube length 160 mm.

Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope  comes with a high performance 12 volt, 50 watt halogen. The path of the light can be switched from 100 percent to 20 percent visual visual/80 percent photo with a lever. Another lever is selected the port picture before the camera 35 mm or port side photo micrograph large format cinemicrography, and closed circuit television (CCTV).

With the addition of a Nikon FE camera or Nikon F3 back, Diaphotis equipped with 35 mm automatic exposure photomicrography. The camera attaches directly to the bayonet "F" in front of the body. Development and composition of photomicrographs is conveniently accomplished by the binocular head. A lever just below the head is used to bring the photomask reticle in the optical path, which is then used to bring the image into focus with the film plane.

Additional accessories include attachments Diaphot and objectives for phase contrast, fluorescence and Nomarski DIC and an incubator for environmental control of the surface of the specimen, cinemicrographic attachment (CFMA), and a commitment CCTV. The port side also accepts Nikon attachments microflex the series for use with large format camera equipment.

Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope Inverted phase contrast and fluorescence. 3 place holder cube fluorescence. HBO 100 watt system, arc lamp power, and fluorescence units ear. GFP and FITC cubes

Infinity Plan 4X DL, 10X Infinity Plan DL, DL 20X Infinity Project (col Corr) and Plan DL 40X (col Corr) Phase contrast infinite TL 160 mm RMS

Observation head telescope.0.55 Phase contrast condenser NA phase contrast Ph1, Ph2, PH3, PHL

20 10X eyepieces. Phase contrast 10 MP Color CMOS camera USB included. Expandable to 5 MP Cooled CCD fluorescence camera. Images are performanc using a CMOS camera. (Uncooled).

The system includes a carrying case, manual, drivers, and warranty.


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