SHIMADZU AA - 6800 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

The AA-6800 allows you to change the metering mode automatically while changing the atomizer, allowing quick and easy change back and forth between the measurement of flame and furnace measurement.

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The Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-6800 incorporates two background correction functions, the D2 method (method of the deuterium lamp) and the SR method (method of self-cancellation), which allows selection of the appropriate method for sample measurement.

The AA-6800 allows you to change the metering mode automatically while changing the atomizer, allowing quick and easy change back and forth between the measurement of flame and furnace measurement. In addition, measurement operations comprehensive available, from manual operation to automatic continuous measurement of multiple elements wich using an autosampler (ASC-6100). This allows the selection of the appropriate combination to match the number of elements and test samples, and the operator's skill.

The PC software ControlLine, AA-6800 operates a MS-Windows ", and by setting parameters Wizard allows an operator, even a beginner atomic absorption spectrophotometer, to easily make the measurement conditions.


The GFA-6500 is the graphite furnace atomizer adopted for use with the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-6800. With the graphite furnace connected to the Instrument, quantitative analysis of elements may be conducted using the furnace method. Following is a description of GFA-6500 features.

(1) With the incorporated high sensitivity optical-thermal sensor and the automatic temperature correction function employing current control regions, simple temperature correction and accurate temperature repeatability are achieved.

(2) Temperature control via the optical-thermal sensor is conducted from 400°C, thus making possible accurate temperature control from anhing to atomization.

(3) At sample atomization, use of the high sensitivity mode allows trace analysis of even greater sensitivity and higher precision than previously possible with live of Instruments.

(4) Precise inner gas current control is possible at each heating stage and automatic switching of the gas type allows composition of flexible temperature programs. These features make the GFA-6500 extremely effective in analyzing a wide variety of sample typen.



AA-6800F/6800G Common Specifications



Measurement Wavelength Range



Aberration-corrected Czerny-Turner mount


0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 2.0, 5.0 nm (6-step automatic switching)


Number of Lamp Sockels

Photometrie Method

8 lamp sockets, 2 lamps simultanously lit (1 for warming up)

High-speed seif reversal method (BGC-SR)

High-speed 2-frequency simultanous measurement (BGC-D2)

Lamp Mode


Data Processing

Software Environment

Parameter Setting


Wizard Method

Measurement Mode

Flame continuous method, Fumace method

Concentration Conversion Mode



Repeat Measurement

•Calibration Curve (selectable arnong 1st, 2nd, 3rd order function)

•Standard addition method/Simple Standard addition method (1st order function)

•Max. 10 repetitions

•Indication of Average, Standard deviation (SD) and Relative Standard Deviation (RSD)

•Exclusion of deviant value based an SD value and RSD value

Baseline Correction

Automatic baseline dritt correction using electrical double beam Signal processing (Furnace)

Sensitivity Correction

Automatic calibration curve correction System by sensitivity observation.

Table Data Processing Functions


Actual concentration calculation using Weight factor, Dilution factor, Volume factor and Correction factor.

Word processor Software or the like can be used while executing measurement.

Loading Parameters

Template function

Procedure/Result Display

MRT Work Sheet (MRT: Measurement Result Table)

Result Print

Summary Report


Correlation factor, LCS, SPK, Sample upper limt, %RSD

Power Requirements



Dimensions, Weight

AC100, 120, 220, 230, 240V switching incorporated, 600VA, 50/60Hz

Additional power for personal Computer is necessary‑

W 1080 X D550 X H460mm, 100kg (including gas controller. not including PC)


Ambient Temperature Range

10°C ~ 35C

Ambient Hurt udity Range

45% ~ 80% (less than 70% if temperature is over 30°C)


AA-6800F Specifications

Burner Unit


Air-cooled pre-mix type

Bunter Head

Pure Titanium


Pt-Ir capillary with Teflon orifice,

Impact bead is inseparable. Fluoric acid is usable.




Bumer/Fumace automatic switching by motor drive

Automatic searching for optimum burner height

Gas Controller

Flow Rate/Pressure Control

Automatic flow rate settin-,

Automatic searching for optimum gas flow rate

Safety Measures

•Automatic gas leak check    • Air-C2H2 flame priority ignition

•Air/N20 auto switching with C2H2 flow rate monitor (optical Sensor)

•Prevents raw gas discharge            • Prevents usage of wrong burner head

•Pressure monitor to prevent flashback at abnormal pressure

•Safety extinction by automatic detection of momentary power failure

•Drain tank water level monitor to prevent flashback


AA-680OG Specifications (GFA-6500 Specifications)

Heating Temperature Range

Ambient~3000 °C

Heating Control Method

•Drying: Current control method

•Ashing/Atomizing: Optical temperature control method

Heating Parameter settings

•Max. 20 stages          • Heating mode: RAMP/STEP

•Inner gas type: 2-line switching        • High sensitivity setting

•Furnace concentration boost cycle: Max 20 times

•Innen gas flow rate: 0~1.5 L/min

•Optimum fumace program search function

Cooling water/Ar Consumption

Power Requirements

•Cooling water: 1.0 L/min or larger    • Gas: Max. 3.0 L/min

•AC200V Max.6kVA, 50/60Hz

Power Supply Unit, Dimension and Weight

•W42XD29XH460 (innt). 442 (Power supp1.v unit fins in space behmd 14 mit unit. Main unit width on1.v needs to be considered.)






By connecting to the Shimadzu Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, the ASC-6100 per­forms the functions as the autosampler for flame absorption measurement. Also, when G attach­ment ASK-6100 is mounted, the ASC-6100 can perform a wide variety of following functions automatically in the furnace quantitative measurement by linking wich the Shimadzu Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer main unit.

(1) Sample dilution

(2) Reagent addition

(3) Mixture of samples and reagents at the mixing port

(4) Combined rinsing of mixing port

(5) Automatic dilution and re-analysis for off-scale measurements due to excessive concentra­tion of unknown samples

(Dilution rate is automatically set. Possible dilution rate is 300 times at maximum.)

(6) Injection of high accuracy sample. Sampling amount can be changed in the unit of 1µl.

(7) Booting of sample concentration in Fumace measurement



For Flame and Furnace


By RS-232C with AA


Origin search

Self diagnosis

Automatic rinsing

Automatic preparation

Random access

Number of sample

8 for Reagent

60 for Sample

(random access available for both)

Sample cup

Sample : 15ml (testing tube for Flame) or 2ml (vial for Furnace)

Reagent : 20ml

Rinne nozzle

Discharge rinsie liquid from nozzle (for Furnace)

Intake rinse liquid from nozzle (for Flame)

Bottle for rinse liquid



AC100V ~ 240V (auto sensing), 100VA

Dimension • Weight

For Flame : W330 x H320 x D295mm. 7.5kg

For Flame and Furnace : W430 x H320 x D360mm, 15kg


For Furnace only


Automatic dilution

Automatic reagent addition



Injection volume

2 --100µl


1% R.S.D (20µl)

Cary over

Rinsing port :under 0.00001

Mixing port :under 0.00001

Rinsing Mixing port

With rinse liquid

With next sample


In the mixing port

Maximum volume for preparation: 0,6ml

Number of reagent

for addition

Maximum 4

Number of liquids for mixing

Calibration method : Maximum 5 (one sample + 4 reagents)

Standard addition method : Maximum 6 (one sample + one

Standard + 4 reagents)

Auto dilute and


When the absorbance exceeds the range of the calibration curve:

The Optimum dilution ratio is automatically set.

(When it can not be calculated ,the dilution ratio is fixed at 10 times.)


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