Candela GentleLase Plus

In laser hair removal, GentleLase represents the optimal combination of wavelength, fluence, spot size, pulse duration and epidermal cooling for the broadest range of patients.

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In laser hair removal, GentleLase represents the optimal combination of wavelength, fluence, spot size, pulse duration and epidermal cooling for the broadest range of patients.

Power, Fluence & Efficacy: GentleLASE lasers dwarf the competition’s peak power numbers, enabling the GentleLASE Plus to deliver not only higher fluences (3), but also higher fluences at shorter pulse durations (4).  GentleLASE lasers can deliver up to 100 J/cm² in a 3 ms pulse width (5).  As you can see below, LightSheers only offer a 5 ms pulse duration, and greatly reduced fluences as pulse durations decrease.  Lasers have to be able to deliver sufficient fluences at shorter pulse durations to remain below the thermal relaxation times* of the smaller diameter hairs and to effectively treat finer, thinner hairs.


This study was designed to compare hair removal efficacy at "equivalent" laser parameters.  In other words, to match the LightSheer's 9X9 mm spot size and fluence range, the GentleLASE Plus had to be operated using its 12 mm spot size and associated fluence range.  That's like in auto racing, telling one car not to use its fifth gear!  Dr. Eremia points out as much in the study, as he introduces his study with a brief overview of laser physics and the importance of wavelength (melanin absorption), power (more is better), spot size (speed and ease-of-use), pulse width (TRT implications) and skin cooling devices (consistent epidermal protection) in laser performance--all of which provides the basis for the conclusion that the GentleLASE Plus is a superior hair removal laser!


After the Materials & Methods and Results sections of the study, in which similar hair removal results were reported being seen with both lasers using similar settings, Dr Eremia makes the following points in the Discussion section:


Wavelength: Higher melanin absorption at 755 nm than 810 nm--"In theory, lighter hair should do better with 755 nm and worse with 810 nm..."--755 nm beam scatters more than 810 nm at the same spot size, but the GentleLASE has available a much larger spot size than the LightSheer.
Pulse Width: Because of the GentleLASE's 3 ms pulse duration, "we would expect finer, lighter hairs to do better with the alexandrite laser."

Spot Size: "In theory, the larger alexandrite laser spot size should have compensated for beam scatter, delivering roughly the same effective fluence at the target depth of the hair follicle as the smaller 800 nm diode laser spot size..."

Cooling System: "[DCD] provides very consistent skin cooling and is not operator dependent.... Our experience with [contact cooling] seems less efficient, less effective, and significantly more operator dependent than the cryogen spray device."

At similar settings, both the GentleLASE and LightSheer lasers are effective hair removal devices.  But Dr. Eremia clearly prefers the DCD over contact cooling, and he consistently points out that while the LightSheer's capabilities were evaluated at maximum settings, GentleLASE advantages in terms of speed, efficacy and ease-of-use should be obvious when IT'S maximum laser parameters are utilized.


Company & Product track record – The GentleLase Plus has been on the market for 5+years & is regarded as the Gold Standard for laser hair removal.  The LightSheer technology has been sold twice in the last three years.  Three different companies have sold the LightSheer line, who will be next?  Candela, on the other hand, is a 32 year-old publicly held company with a proven track record in manufacturing, sales and service in the laser industry.


You’re not just buying a laser, you are also investing in a company.  Why gamble with patient satisfaction and your maximum revenue potential?  Candela has a 32-year track record of providing the top technologies in the marketplace.  Candela manufactures, sells and services its lasers and has since it was founded. 


CONCLUSION: Melanin absorption, wavelength, epidermal cooling and energy delivery are the key factors in laser hair removal efficacy. The GentleLASE targets far more melanin than the LightSheers.  Dynamic Cooling is more effective and consistent than contact cooling. GentleLase lasers are more powerful and are capable of delivering more energy than the smaller LightSheers.  You are buying a major piece of medical equipment with the GentleLASE Plus.

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