Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb 2810 TR Scintillation Counter

Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb 2810 TR Scintillation Counter

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System Includes:
Tri-Carb 2810 TR
Laptop PC
QuantaSmart™ software

Standard instrument features
•Powerful computer system control on a dedicated
ergonomic support arm with 2 GB (minimum) RAM
and 80 GB hard disk (minimum), built-in DVD R/W
and EtherNet support.
•Robust downloading sample changer mechanism
with an electrostatic controller and a double light sealing
shutter that allows the photomultiplier tube detectors
to remain on for maximum stability even during sample
•Patented TR-LSC® (Time-Resolved Liquid Scintillation 
Counting) is featured for high sensitivity, low background counting of LS samples. TR-LSC increases sample
throughput and reduces cocktail consumption.
•Multi-parameter linear MCA (Multichannel 
Analyzer) with an effective resolution of 1/10 keV,
offers an extended dynamic quench range and provides
multi-parameter spectrum analysis to correct for luminescence, color quenching and background radiation
•Live SpectraView™ automatic spectrum display aids
in optimizing counting conditions and helps evaluate
complex sample situations. It allows setting temporary
regions on the spectrum screen and enablesthe operator
to monitor the effect of AEC (Automatic Efficiency
Control) while the sample is counting.
133Ba low energy external standard source and tSIE 
(transformed Spectral Index of External standard) 
calculations eliminate the effects of vial glow, plastic
wall and cocktail changes on the DPM results. The use
of integral spectrum counts eliminates the need for
repeat counting of the external standard and negates
the effect of isotope half-life on quench monitoring
accuracy and precision. The 133Ba external standard is
centered under the sample vial which eliminates the
effects of volume variations and assures reproducible
quench monitoring for the life of the instrument.
•Positive sample identification provides protocol number,
cassette number, sample number, and user-selectable
printout and data file storage of the counting time and
date for each sample.
•Quick-Count sample loading for 15 independent protocols
(with unlimited assays) provides unrestricted accessto sample
changer and protocol selection plugs. Sample batches are
processed by simply activating the Quick-Count protocol
plugs, thus minimizing any user programming.
•Anti-jam recovery of the sample changer mechanism
protects samples, vials and the counting system from
damage if obstructions occur.
•Automatic power-fail recovery restarts counting when
power is restored and the instrument has reinitialized itself.
•Date and time clock provides real time display and
time-stamped printouts; battery supported

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